Halloween is just around the corner, and with trick or treating being put on pause this year, schools will need to bring their Halloween spirit out in full force!

Some schools in the UK are back full time, however, some have implemented a model whereby some students are required to study from home whilst other year groups are in school, and this changes throughout the week.

So, Milk (My Interactive Learning Kit) have scoured the internet to find the best Halloween related activities that students can do from home, on a video call with the rest of the class, or from school, safely. Check out our Halloween activity ideas below:

Halloween story time

This could be done in school or at home and would work really well for an English lesson. This activity can be adapted depending on the teacher and students, but the main premise for this idea is to create a Halloween story that includes a beginning, middle and end, with scary monsters and a hero as the protagonist. This is a really simple activity to take part in, all students will need is a pen, paper and their imagination. To make it more fun, putting a time limit against the story might encourage students to think on their toes and be more creative.

6 home and school Halloween activities for students

Monster cookie decorating

A fun and delicious activity that could be done at home or in school, monster cookie decorating would be a great activity to take part in for a food tech lesson or a form time activity. To make the activity covid-safe, students should be equipped with pre-packaged cookies that have their own decorating utensils inside, if the activity is done from home, students should be given plenty of time to buy the cookies so the whole class can join in. Students should then be tasked to create the scariest or silliest monster, which the teacher will then judge.

6 home and school Halloween activities for students

Pumpkin decorating

Similar to the monster cookie decorating activity, pumpkin decorating can be done in school or at home. This activity could work well in a variety of lessons, the most obvious one being an art lesson, whereby students should be encouraged to use their imagination to use different textures and methods on the pumpkin. However, this could work well in a History or English lesson too. For example, for a history lesson students could be tasked with drawing a historical scene or figure on the pumpkin, or for an English lesson, students could illustrate a chapter from a piece of literature they have studied in class.

6 home and school Halloween activities for students

Monster Making

The perfect creative activity for all ages, students should be equipped with all sorts of different materials, such as paper, fabrics, string, polystyrene balls, paints, and pencils. There should be no rules with this activity, just to create the best-looking monster! As an extra challenge, students should be required to write a small biography on the monster, such as who the monster is, why they became a monster and where the monster is from. Depending on student ages, the monster making activity could be to create the silliest monster or the scariest monster.

6 home and school Halloween activities for students

Halloween reading

This would work well in an English lesson or in form dedicated time. Teachers should print off a number of Halloween related stories for students to pick and read from. To ensure students are taking part in the activity with their full attention, they should be tasked with writing up a small summary of the Halloween story, which should then be shared amongst the class.

6 home and school Halloween activities for students

Halloween bingo

The perfect fun and frightening Friday activity for students! This bingo game would be a great form time activity for students to take part in on the Friday before Halloween. Check out these free printable Halloween bingo cards for inspiration.

6 home and school Halloween activities for students

So, which Halloween activity will you be bringing to the classroom (or video call), will it be a pumpkin party session or monster making madness? Whatever you go for, make sure to have fun and stay Covid-safe!

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