Quality remote learning is needed now more than ever, with students required to work partly at school and partly face-to-face, online learning, such as online homework, must be just as inclusive and accessible at home as it is in school.

As part of the remote learning practice, online homework is still an important activity. With online interactive learning kits such as Milk Student Planner, online homework can be set and monitored easily.

A study undertaken by Milk in 2015 found that online homework submissions increased by 44% with an online student planner. Furthermore, 74% of parents believe that Milk makes it easier for their children to understand online homework.

Interactive learning kits also make I easier to get feedback from students, so teachers can understand what students are struggling with. In response to this, teachers can easily give feedback on online homework performance.

This process is also made easier by the Milk 2-way chat function that allows parents, teachers, and students to communicate with each other in real time.

Why is online homework important for students?

Setting online homework can be a great way for teachers to understand what topics a student struggles with. This information will allow the teacher to modify the presentation of material in class and help students with the topics they find the most difficult.

Online homework is also beneficial to students as they can get feedback in real time, this means they can be made aware of any incorrections immediately. Online homework can also be adapted to allow students to work on areas that frequently cause them problems or where the individual is having difficulty understanding.

Student achievement is also likely to be positively impacted by online homework. School students are likely to be familiar with the digital world, this makes engaging with online homework a familiar task. Moreover, students might be more inclined to take part in online homework tasks as they prefer the digital process rather than the traditional one.

online homework

Why is online homework beneficial for teachers?

Interactive learning kits such as Milk make it easy for lesson plans and homework plans to be visualised and managed all in one place. It eradicates the need to print off copious amounts of paper for each student, and it ensures that the homework set is clear and coherent for the whole group.

Setting online homework also widens the scope of activities that simply can not be done through paper activity. A teacher may set the homework on the online student planner, and the activity may be internet research based, ensuring that all homework tasks can be completed on a laptop or computer.

Online homework tasks can be designed to meet the needs of individuals students, and if a student finds a particular topic difficult, they can interact with their teacher via the interactive learning kit. This means that teachers can give crucial feedback to the student in real-time, and the student can make any amends immediately.

By using the online interactive learning kit, teachers can save time marking online homework and marks can be submitted easily. With teachers spending a large proportion of their teaching time marking and enforcing homework, an online student planner will save teachers hours of time per week by making the process easier.

Another advantage for teachers is the ability to track the progress of students, and teachers can see which students and parents are engaging with the online learning. The Milk user analytics dashboard provides teachers with an overview of homework issues, submissions, and feedback rating by the year group. This is useful information to have, as teachers can adapt lessons and homework accordingly to ensure students are getting the maximum support they need with certain topics and subjects.

why online homework is beneficial to teachers

Why is online homework good for parents?

Interactive learning kits like Milk ensure that parents can have as much access to their child’s learning as they choose. With Milk, online learning tasks can be shared with parents, giving them the opportunity to be as involved as possible in their child’s learning and progress.

Milk communication features also allow teachers to message parents with any concerns or feedback. The push notification function instantly prompts parents to read messages during sociable hours, which means matters can be dealt with quickly. If a parent has concerns about their child’s online homework progress, the ‘parent only’ chat function allows parents to address these concerns with the teacher alone.

For more tips on the best ways to involve parents in homework, read our recent blog post that highlights how parents can foster a positive relationship with their child’s online homework expectations.

why online homework is good for parents

How can parents help their child with online homework?

It is extremely beneficial to the student if parents are involved with their homework tasks. Parents can get involved by taking various steps to ensuring their child is using their time effectively and efficiently.

Below are some ways a parent can help their child complete online homework tasks easily:

  • Provide a dedicated study area with the necessary tools to complete the online learning, such as a laptop, computer, keyboard, mouse, and a laptop stand.
  • Set a dedicated homework time after school to ensure online homework tasks are being completed.
  • Be there to support your child if any questions should arise about the homework task.
  • Reward your child for completing homework tasks, especially if they found the task difficult.
  • Engage with teachers online to ensure the child is on track.

If a parent engages with their child’s homework tasks in this way, the student is likely to feel more motivated to complete online homework to a high standard.

There are other benefits of using an online interactive learning kit, such as its ability to reduce teacher workload and save the school money. For more information on how the Milk communication and curriculum platform works, you can book a Zoom demo with a Milk team member.

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