‘Administrator’ vs. ‘Teacher’ access

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and it’s important to know the distinction because knowing the difference can help your school decide which member of staff should be granted ‘administrator’ access.[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”10″]

Can we have more than one ‘administrator’ user?

Yes, schools typically grant administrator access to Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Year and Heads of Department/Faculty, Data Managers and IT managers.

Can we add a staff user who is not on SIMS?

If you are using Milk in tandem with SIMS, Milk imports all user data from SIMS. Therefore, if any user is not shown in SIMS, they will not be catered for within Milk. Schools using Milk ‘Light’ (our new standalone system that does not require data imports from a school MIS) any user can be manually added to Milk.

We’re worried about a teacher communicating to the entire school community without review from senior leadership. Does Milk limit who can send messages?

Only ‘administrators’ can send messages to ‘All students’ and ‘Year group(s)’ (including parents). ‘Teacher’ access will allow teachers to communicate with any individual student, class they teach and custom groups that might be created on Milk (e.g., Form Group).

Who can reset Milk passwords?

All users can reset their own passwords. For schools using Milk with SIMS, if a user’s email addresses is recorded in SIMS, it can be used as a USER ID to log in with. ‘Teacher’ access allows users to reset student and parent passwords, while administrators can reset anyone’s password.

Who can create, delete, edit and rename custom message groups?

Both ‘administrators’ and ‘teachers’ can create, delete, edit and rename a custom message group. This approach provides openness for all staff members and avoids author conflicts when a staff member, who previously created a group, leaves the school. We recommend explaining to staff users not to tamper with any custom message group that is not their own.

Can ‘Teachers’ see homework analytics and download reports of other staff members?

No, only ‘administrator’ access can overview homework analytics and download reports for all staff. ‘Teacher’ access only allows users to view their own homework analytics and download homework reports for the classes they are timetabled to teach. However, a student’s homework tally report across all subjects can be downloaded by any staff user, this report download link can be located within each student’s achievement dashboard profile page.

As an ‘administrator’ user, how can I tell which other staff members also have ‘administrator’ status?

Go to ‘Staff’ to view all staff.  Those with ‘administrator’ access will have their profile icons outlined with the colour green.

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