Newent Community School

Blog 6 - Newent - Milk Student Planner System

Newent Community School & Sixth Form Centre introduced Milk (My Interactive Learning Kit). We asked Ann Price, Business Manager, about the school’s experience. What’s been the overall feedback from Milk users? Staff have been predominantly positive. Students have been happy. 79% of parents have said that MILK has been a positive way forward and 74% […]

Always give Tech Support your Milk ID

Blog 11 - Tech - Milk Student Planner System

Always give Tech Support your Milk ID To enable our tech support team to answer your queries quickly, please ensure that you always supply us with the relevant Milk ID relating to your query. We proudly serve 100,000s of users and knowing the Milk ID is enormously helpful to our Tech Support team when it comes […]

‘Administrator’ vs. ‘Teacher’ access

Blog 15 - Access - Milk Student Planner System

‘Administrator’ vs. ‘Teacher’ access This is one of the most common questions we get asked and it’s important to know the distinction because knowing the difference can help your school decide which member of staff should be granted ‘administrator’ access.[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”10″] Can we have more than one ‘administrator’ user? Yes, schools typically grant […]

Checking your connection to Milk

Blog 16 - Connection - Milk Student Planner System

  Service Status & Connection If you are experiencing problems connecting with Milk’s server it is likely to be an Internet connectivity fault between your school and our servers.  Common causes are slow internet or intermittent wireless access.  These events are beyond Milk’s control and rarely due to a service disruption on our side.  If you […]

Progress vs. Grades

Blog 17 - Progress vs Grades - Milk Student Planner System

Progress vs. Grades Many schools across the UK are placing now more emphasis on individual student subject understanding as opposed to focusing purely on the achievement of certain grades. [divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”20″] SIMS has been accommodating this new trend with an assessment traffic light display. With these changes to the Progress Grids, teachers using […]

On apps vs. the mobile web experience

Blog 23 - Mobile - Milk Student Planner System

On apps vs. the mobile web experience The web has come a long way since the Netscape vs Internet Explorer ‘browser wars’ era of the late 1990s. Web browsers are now vastly more capable, and web designers and developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the kinds of experiences that can be delivered through them. […]

Why Milk is definitely not a VLE

Blog 24 - VLE - Milk Student Planner System

Why Milk is definitely not a VLE Please forgive me if you’re a pedagogical technophile with a penchant for VLEs, for what I am about to tell you is only my personal opinion as the author of this blog post. OK… now with my disclaimer hopefully shielding me from the worst of any backlash, I’d […]

Drawbacks of making homework too visible

Blog 22 - Inside Milk - Drawbacks - Milk Student Planner System

Drawbacks of making homework too visible A challenge from using an online homework planner was recently brought to my attention by a deputy head teacher. Her school decided to switch over to Milk and abandon their existing digital homework diary with another supplier. Apart from this school’s appraisal of Milk’s functionality, a motivating factor in […]