Service Status & Connection

If you are experiencing problems connecting with Milk’s server it is likely to be an Internet connectivity fault between your school and our servers.  Common causes are slow internet or intermittent wireless access.  These events are beyond Milk’s control and rarely due to a service disruption on our side.  If you want to check the current status of Milk’s systems for yourself, please click the button below. Alternatively, you can go to the Help Section of the Website then click Service Status from there.  Here you will see the service status of Milk’s various features.

Please note that this feature will show systems as ‘offline’ if your mobile device or PC is not connected to the Internet. Mobile phone users need to ensure they have a good 3/4G connection when using this feature

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties please email [email protected] and a member of our tech support team will help you.

This article was updated on 23 January 2017.

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